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252,499. Hulsebos, W. March 27, 1925. Swash-plate linkages ; Cams. - A wobbler or swash-plate adapted to drive or to be driven by a shaft through .eccentric inclined bearings is also connected to the shaft by a supporting member or members allowing rotary and spherical freedom but constraining the swash-plate in the direction of the axis of the inclined bearings, the device being applicable to engines, pumps, compressors &c. The wobbler 4, Fig. 1, driven through inclined eccentric bearing members 2, 3, is constrained axially by an annulus 8 mounted on a spherical enlargement 7 of the shaft and provided with a flange 9 engaging an annular groove in the wobbler.; The bearings 2, 3 may be carried by an inclined crank, Fig. 2, and' the annular groove in the wobbler engaged by a ring 9 connected to the crank by a pin 10 passing through a hole therein flared at both ends to allow universal motion. In the form shown in Fig. 4, in which the wobbler is mounted on bearings 11, 12 axial thrust is taken by a plate 9 secured to the inclined support 3 and acting through thrust bearings 17, 18, the outer race members 15, 16 of which form bearing supports for the wobbler. This arrangement may be modified by substituting for the thrust bearings 17, 18, a single ring of balls engaging deep grooves in concentric race members, the outer race member being externally spherical to engage the wobbler. In a further modification a double ring of balls runs on a spherically formed track in an outer race member secured to the wobbler.; In the form shown in Fig. 3, the ends 13, 14 of the wobbler member have spherical engagement with the inclined bearing supports 2, 3. Specifications 135,011 and 183,488 are referred to.

Improvements in and relating to wabbler driving mechanism
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GB19250008233 19250327
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252499 (A)
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March 27, 1925
Publication Date
June 3, 1926
Wichert Hulsebos
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