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251,068. General Electric Co., Ltd., and Manchester, W. March 17, 1925. Connectors. - A plug connector or adapter, such as a lamp-holder plug has the pins mounted on cranked members located in sector-shaped recesses 5, to vary the distance between them. The normal spring plunger contacts 1 of the lamp-holder form the pivots for the cranked members 7, being mounted loosely in the insulating block 2 and formed with shoulders 3 so that a spring washer 8 can be inserted below each of the members 7 to hold the pin frictionally in any position. The pins are interchangeable according to the diameter required, being screwed into the member 7. The crank members may be held in the required position by clamping screws.

An improved electric connector or adapter
Application Number
GB19250007260 19250317
Publication Number
251068 (A)
Application Date
March 17, 1925
Publication Date
April 29, 1926
William Manchester
Gen Electric
H01R 27/00
H01R 27/00
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