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247,284. Gerson, K. Nov. 11, 1924. Refuse, dustbin, and dry waste products, treating. - The refuse, preferably after the separation of metallic portions and ashes, is, without previous drying, treated in a rapidly-operating crushing or beating mill or disintegrator, the remainder of the material being pulverized so that it can be readily separated from the fluffy fibrous matter. This separation may be performed by means of an oscillatory or other sieve or by means of a flotation process. When a flotation process is used the suspension may be treated with chlorine to decolorize and sterilize the fibres. The fibre may be employed for making paper or pasteboard. It may be subjected to destructive distillation yielding tar end other products and a residue suitable for use as decolorizing carbon. Or it may be used as fuel for steam boilers &c.; The separated powder may be discharged into a sewage system. The mill shown is provided with beating arms c. The interior of the casing is formed with ribs and flutings and its lower portion is a grating d. The disintegrated material falls on to a sieve e.

Improvements in the treatment of household and street waste
Application Number
GB19240026932 19241111
Publication Number
247284 (A)
Application Date
November 11, 1924
Publication Date
February 11, 1926
Kurt Gerson
B02C 13/00
B02C 13/00
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