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A system 200 for actively controlling fuel flow from a fuel pump 202 to a mixer assembly 100 of a gas turbine engine combustor (26 fig 1) has at least one sensor 218 for detecting dynamic pressure in the combustor, a fuel nozzle (68 fig 4) for delivering fuel to the combustor, a controller 204 and an arrangement of valves 184, 186, 188 for controlling fuel flow supplied to the nozzle. The valves are in flow communication with a fuel manifold 174, and the controller activates the valves in accordance with a signal received from the pressure sensor. The mixer assembly has a pilot mixer 102 and a main mixer 104.; The pilot mixer includes an annular pilot housing 108 having a hollow interior, a primary fuel injector 110 mounted in the pilot housing and adapted for dispensing droplets of fuel to the hollow interior of the pilot housing, and a plurality of axial swirlers 112, 114 positioned upstream from the primary fuel injector 110. The use of active control identifies and counteracts the onset of a blow-out condition and improves pressure conditions within the combustor.

Method and apparatus for actively controlling fuel flow to a mixer assembly of a gas turbine engine combustor
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GB20070014583 20070716
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2451144 (A)
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July 16, 2007
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January 21, 2009
Mongia Hukam Chand
Hsieh Shih Yang
Li Shui Chi
Hsiao George Chia Chun
Mancini Alfred Albert
Myers William Joseph Jr
Gen Electric
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