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A clip or connector 10 is provided for assembling part of a door or window frame, having first and second sheet material frame members 1, 2 to be retained in abutting relationship. Each frame member has a concave channel formation 5 along its length. The clip 10 has a head 20 and a body 40 with a neck 30 therebetween. The head engages with the channel formation of the first frame member and to the body engages with the channel of the second frame member, both preferably via a frictional fit, holding the frame members in an abutting relationship. The clip further includes a clamping portion 36 operative to clamp a portion 5c of the channel formation 5 of the first frame member 1 and thereby locate the clip 10 so that the body 40 is positioned to engage within the channel formation 5 of the second frame member 2 and locate and hold the second frame member in its required relative position.; The body and head of the clip may have projections that break off when the clip is slid into position. Also disclosed is a method of assembling door or window frame members.

Clip for door or window frame
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GB20070020535 20071019
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October 19, 2007
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April 23, 2008
Stevens Benjamin Gordon
Schnepf Kurt
Studco Building Systems Lt
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E06B 01/04
E06B 03/964
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