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Enclosed protective clothing with provision for filtering air. The filtering provision being chemical filters at an air inlet and an air outlet. Circulation of air through the filters and clothing may be provided by convection effects body heat. The clothing consists at least partly of either transparent plastic sheet or rubberised sheet that is arranged in two layers. The arrangement of the sheeting is such that inflation by air between the sheets provides some rigidity to the walls of the clothing. Inflation may be performed by blowing into a tube or a small bellows device. The clothing may be in the form of a hood 27, a hood and tunic or a hood and tunic and trousers 27, 14. The hood may be provided with a bib pocket 33 for positioning on the chest that forms part of the internal volume of the hood 27.; The protective clothing may also be provided with a refrigeration arrangement, cooling is provided by a source of liquid air.

Inflatable protective clothing
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GB20060003323 20060220
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February 20, 2006
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October 10, 2007
Furs Edward David
Furs Edward David
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