2431628-A is referenced by 27 patents and cites 3 patents.

A submersible winching device (4) is mounted on a positively buoyant power generating apparatus (1) for the purposes of deploying said power generating apparatus onto a submerged support structure (7). A diver or remotely operated vehicle is initially employed to attach the winching tether to the support structure. The winching device is then powered by a motor drive unit (2) to pull the power generating apparatus down through the water column. The power generating apparatus mates mechanically with the support structure at (3) and (5) and they latch together. To retrieve the power generating apparatus the latch is released, allowing positive buoyancy to bring the power generating apparatus back to the surface, whereupon the winching tether can be released from the support structure.

A deployment and retrieval apparatus for submerged power generating devices
Application Number
GB20050022133 20051031
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Application Date
October 31, 2005
Publication Date
May 2, 2007
Lake Tania
Huxley Reynard Christopher Sha
Gibberd George James
Tidal Generation
F03B 17/00
B66D 01/00
F03B 13/00
F03B 17/06
F03B 13/26
B66D 01/60
F03B 13/10
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