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Separating apparatus for, and a method of separating phases of, downhole produced fluid, the different phases possibly being made up of a solids phase such as sand, a first liquid phase such as water, a second liquid phase such as liquid hydrocarbons and a fourth phase of gaseous hydrocarbons. A fluid flow path is defined by a flow path member (4), which may be a helically arranged auger (4), having a longitudinal length, the fluid flow path being arranged to be a greater distance than the said longitudinal length so that the multiphase produced fluid is rotated whilst flowing along the flow path. The multiphase downhole fluid enters the apparatus through a fluid flow inlet (3), flows along, and is separated by the fluid flow path.; A first portion such as the latter three phases flows through a primary fluid flow outlet and may flow onto a pump (9) and a second portion such as the solids phase passes through a secondary fluid flow outlet (8) which may lead toward a disposal zone.

Separating apparatus and method for phases of a downhole produced fluid
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GB20040004870 20040304
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March 4, 2004
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July 6, 2005
Shotter Paul R
Gordon Stuart
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E21B 43/34
E21B 43/38
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