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A print 10 has a substrate 12 and a plurality of memory tags T, e.g. RFID tags, coupled to the substrate in each of a plurality of image areas A which can have images I printed in them. The print is preferably an index print of the images I, the images being printed onto the substrate in low resolution with data relating to each image being stored in the corresponding memory tag. The data preferably includes the image in high resolution format, and may further include other data concerning the image and how/when it was taken. A further memory tag (TB, Fig. 4) may be located in the border of the substrate, for storage of data concerning the index print as a whole, such as a list of the images on the print, and their respective locations, including the locations of the memory tags.; The memory tags may be read by a hand-held reader, or larger equipment, and may be located by printing visible icons at their locations.

Associating memory tags with images on a print substrate
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GB20030017311 20030724
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July 24, 2003
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January 26, 2005
Mcdonnell James Thomas Edward
Slatter David Neil
Hewlett Packard Development Co
G06K 19/07
H04N 01/32
G06K 17/00
H04N 01/32
G06K 17/00
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