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A method and apparatus for reducing the emissions and improving the performance of an internal combustion engine (40). An input air stream is separated into an oxygen-enriched air stream and a nitrogen-enriched air stream. The nitrogen-enriched air stream is received by a holding chamber (35). The oxygen-enriched air and a combustible fuel are provided to a combustion chamber (45) of the internal combustion engine (40) and a combustion process is initiated. After a predefined time delay, a volume of nitrogen-enriched air is provided from the holding chamber (35) to the combustion chamber (45) to be used during the rest of the combustion process.

Method and apparatus for membrane separation of air into nitrogenand oxygen elements for use in internal combustion engines
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GB20040018871 20020125
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January 25, 2002
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December 22, 2004
Davidson James G
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