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235,482. Soc. A. Legrand et Cie. Dec. 29, 1924. Addition to 226,144. Steam - traps. - A steam-trap of the kind described in the parent Specification is actuated by the expansion and contraction of the pipe it is desired to drain. In the form shown the remote end of the conduit at a point 6 to 20 metres from the apparatus is secured bv a. clip 17 to an abutment fixed to the wall or ground. The other end of the conduit passes through guides 1, 1 in a fixed frame 1 and is secured to a movable c a s i n g 11 adapted to co-operate with a fixed valve member 8 carried bv a spindle 7. The spindle 7 passes through a stuffing box in the casing 11 and is secured by a ball and socket joint to a spring pressed member 4 adjustably mounted on the frame 1. When the conduit is arranged vertically a syphon or pocket is formed at the lower end.; The casing may be made fluid so that the expelled water may be raised to a height corresponding to the steam pressure. In a modification the spindle 7 is connected by levers to the casing so that valve and seat are simultaneously moved in opposite directions.

Improvements in scavenging or ejecting apparatus for removing water of condensation
Application Number
GB19240031103 19241229
Publication Number
235482 (A)
Application Date
December 29, 1924
Publication Date
June 18, 1925
Adrien Legrand Et Cie Soc
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F16T 01/06
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