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The method comprises acquiring electronic information from a first smart card 21A; acquiring an electronic address from a second smart card 21B; and sending the information from the first smart card to the electronic address of the second card. This allows electronic information from one smart card to be sent to an e-mail location contained on another smart card without the e-mail location of the second smart card being manually entered by the card carrier. The method combines Smart Card technology, embedded systems and standard e-mail. The individual's personal details are carried in an applet on a smart card device such as a Java Ring (TM) or IButton (TM) or traditional Smart Card. Low-cost, network-attached readers 10 are provided in locations where business cards are normally exchanged.; The act of inserting two Smart Card devices into the reader automatically starts up an application which reads the details (including the e-mail addresses) from the two cards. The application then e-mails the business card details of one participant to the e-mail address of the other, and vice versa. Optionally, a mail agent at the recipient's mail server automatically files the business card details in the correct place. Alternatively the recipient can file the e-mail in a special business contacts folder manually when next accessing his/her e-mail.

Electronic business card exchange
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GB19980022839 19981019
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2343091 (A)
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October 19, 1998
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April 26, 2000
Porter Lawrence Leon
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