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A remote control 110 for a multimedia TV receiver (30, fig.1) comprises a display screen 720, such as an LCD display device, user-operable control 700 (e.g. keyboard) and a processor 710 and wireless bi-directional communications interface 730. A system controller (100) receives requests, from the remote control device, for information relating to the video signal currently being displayed on the main display of the TV (30). This information is then communicated to the remote control and displayed on the display screen 720 without being displayed on the main display screen of the TV (30). The information in question may be an electronic program guide, teletext information, subtitling or related material derived from the Internet.; The electronic program guide contains keywords that may be used as the basis of an Internet search (by the system controller (100)) for information related to the currently received TV program. This information is then transmitted to the remote control for display. Alternatively the remote control may be used to request replay of images from the main display (30) on the remote control display 720, or to browse the Internet.

Television remote control with display
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GB19980023287 19981023
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October 23, 1998
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April 26, 2000
Gibbs Peter Charles
Zhou Yiming
Cashman Neil
H04N 05/445
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H04N 05/445
H04N 05/445
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