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233,936. Steffen, C., and Steffen, C. July 30, 1924. Refining sugar.-In extracting sugar from saccharine liquids by precipitating it as calcium. saccharate by means of lime which is added to the solution as quicklime, the undissolved lime which has not entered into the reaction is separated from the lighter calcium saccharate by settling, centrifugation, &c. before the liquid containing the saccharate is passed to the filterpresses. The lime thus separated is used for precipitating a further quantity of sugar, and it is stated that if the separator is keep cool, about 15 C., unslaked lime entangled in the slaked lime remains unslaked and the mixture is more efficient in precipitating the saccharate. Apparatus for the purposes comprises a lime-supplying device M, a settling chamber S, and a cooler K of ordinary type.; Between the cooler K and the lime-supplying device M is arranged a settling chamber A provided with a cooling jacket B. The separated lime can be passed by a pipe d to the chamber S to treat a new lot of solution.

Improvements in process and apparatus for precipitating calcium saccharate from liquids containing sugar and separating excess lime therefrom
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GB19240018247 19240730
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233936 (A)
Application Date
July 30, 1924
Publication Date
May 21, 1925
Carl Steffen Junior
Carl Steffen Senior
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