2334761-A is referenced by 3 patents and cites 2 patents.

The thruster comprises a tapered waveguide comprising a section 1, that is evacuated or filled with air, and a section 6 containing a dielectric resonator or ferrite material whose relative permeability or relative permittivity (or both) have values greater than unity. Microwaves may be introduced into the guide via a slot 2, or a probe. It is stated that the force 9, on the end wall 5, due to reflection of the microwaves, is less than the force 4, exerted on the end wall 3, thereby generating a resultant propulsive thrust. The thruster may be used to enable the orbit of a spacecraft to be maintained or changed over a period of time.

Microwave thruster for spacecraft
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GB19980009035 19980429
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April 29, 1998
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September 1, 1999
Shawyer Roger John
Shawyer Roger John
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