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A work arm linkage assembly for connecting a work tool 18 to a frame 16 of a work machine comprises a lift arm 20, of the box-boom type (Figure 9), having a forked first end (Figure 7) coupled to the frame and a second end coupled to the implement, a lift cylinder 250 coupled to the frame and the lift arm, a rear tilt link 256 coupled at a first end to the frame, a rear tilt link lever 262 extending through the space defined by the two forks of the lift arm and coupled at a first end to the second end of the rear tilt link and coupled at a point between its two ends to the lift arm, and a tilt cylinder 270 coupled to the rear tilt lever and to the work tool. Preferably a front tilt lever 276, coupled to the tilt cylinder and to the work tool, and front tilt link 286, coupled to the front tilt lever and to the lift arm, are provided.; An implement coupler 290 may be mounted on the front tilt lever and the lift arm for releasably coupling the work tool. The lift arm may also be forked at its second end (Figure 7) and the front tilt link may extend between these forks. This arrangement of levers and links allows the attitude of the bucket to be automatically maintained at a constant value when the lift cylinder is actuated, whilst being indepedently alterable by activation of the tilt cylinder.

Work arm linkage assembly
Application Number
GB19980026533 19981202
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2333759 (A)
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December 2, 1998
Publication Date
August 4, 1999
Stanley Keith L
Branham Dana D
Ginn Ronald M
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