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A multimedia conference call is established 501, 503 between a plurality of stations using at least one media in a plurality of available media, such as voice, video, textual and graphical. During the conference call, a private communication may be set up 505, 507, 511 using at least one of the media between two or more of the stations without interrupting the conference call and with the private communication being exclusive of the information exchanged in the conferencing mode. The private communication may use a sub-channel of a main channel used for the conference communication. A primary station which set up the conference call, or another station not involved in the private communication, may receive information 513 that a private communication is in progress but is not capable of determining the content of the private communication.; Such primary or other station may, however, initiate termination 517 of the private communication.

Exchanging private communication during a multimedia conference call
Application Number
GB19960010329 19960517
Publication Number
2313251 (A)
Application Date
May 17, 1996
Publication Date
November 19, 1997
Van Den Heuvel Anthony Patrick
Boscovic Dragan
Gibbs Jonathan Alastair
Whinnett Nicholas William
Robinson William Neil
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H04N 07/15
H04M 03/56
H04W 04/06
H04N 07/15
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