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Apparatus for generating electricity comprises a housing 1 which is fitted to an existing drainpipe of a building for locally generating electricity for use within the building. The housing comprises fitting brackets 3, 5 for providing a releasable seal with ends of a drainpipe so that the fluid flowing down the drainpipe flows within the housing 1 through a turbine 9 fitted within the housing 1 to rotate the driveshaft of an alternator fitted within the housing 1. The housing 1 is also provided with a closable drainage port to allow easy access to the housing 1 in the case of a blockage. The apparatus provides a local source of electricity for use within the building, for example, for heating water in a domestic hot water system or for re-charging batteries, e.g., batteries used for computer back-up.

A hydroelectric power system
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GB19960008705 19960426
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April 26, 1996
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November 5, 1997
Dyson Jacob
Dyson Jacob
F03B 13/00
F03B 13/00
F03B 13/00
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