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A display device for advertising comprising a relatively shallow housing (2), a light source (20) located within the housing, a substantially transparent front cover (4) covering a major part of the front of the housing (2) the cover (4) being arranged for the reception of a removable media sheet for location behind the cover (4), and a removable interactive electronic module (10) mounted within the housing (2), the module (10) including user input means for the input of commands from outside the housing in the form of a plurality of keys (12) arranged on a front face of the module (10) in a predetermined array the module being configurable to interpret the activation of any one of several of the keys (12) as a single user input, and an integral display (14) operable to vary its display output in response to user input.

A display device
Application Number
GB19970010770 19951127
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2310073 (A)
Application Date
November 27, 1995
Publication Date
August 13, 1997
Emrys Roberts Peter
Jones Mark
Aghassipour Kourosh Cyrus
Mlc Media
G09F 27/00
G09F 27/00
G09F 27/00
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