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A speech recognition system for continuous Mandarin Chinese speech comprises a microphone, and A/D converter, a syllable recognition system, an integrated tone classifier, and a confidence score augmentor. The syllable recognition system generates N-best theories with initial confidence scores. The integrated tone classifier has a pitch estimator to estimate the pitch of the input once and a long-term tone analyzer to segment the estimated pitch according to the syllables of each of the N-best theories. Tne long-term tone analyzer performs long-term tonal analysis on the segmented, estimated pitch and generates a long-term tonal confidence signal.; The confidence score augmentor receives the initial confidence scores and the long-term tonal confidence signals, modifies each initial confidence score according to the corresponding long-term tonal confidence signal, re-ranks the N-best theories according to the augmented confidence scores, and outputs the N-best theories.

Continuous mandarin chinese speech recognition system having an integrated tone classifier
Application Number
GB19970006563 19950929
Publication Number
2308003 (A)
Application Date
September 29, 1995
Publication Date
June 11, 1997
Lee Kai Fu
Chow Yen Lu
Hon Hsiao Wuen
Apple Computer
G10L 09/18
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G10L 07/08
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G10L 15/04
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