2302003-A is referenced by 3 patents and cites 4 patents.

Disclosed is a new heating device for an appliance such as a coffee urn. Such device has a main heating element and a spaced-apart warming element, both of which are embedded in a common casting. The device may be mounted to and removed from an appliance as a single unit and when mounted, the main heating element is closer to the liquid container than the warming element. The elements are vertically spaced from one another and each element has flattened coil portions contacting one another. Such flattened portions minimizes the height of the device. The new device also has one or more "mounting points" for attaching auxiliary components such as a grounding wire and a thermostat, as needed.

Cast twin element heating device for a small appliance
Application Number
GB19960009705 19960509
Publication Number
2302003 (A)
Application Date
May 9, 1996
Publication Date
December 18, 1996
Bender Stephen A
Thies Donald E
West Bend Co
A47J 31/54
H05B 03/82
H05B 01/02
H05B 03/40
A47J 31/44
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H05B 03/40
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A47J 31/053
A47J 27/21
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