2297571-A is referenced by 6 patents and cites 1 patents.

A down-hole data logging system for use with an electrical submergible pump or ESP (7) allows information to be obtained on the production characteristics of a plurality of producing zones (1,2,3) and/or regions within a zone or zones of an oil well. The system includes production tubing (6) depending within said well into said producing zones (1,2,3) equipped with isolation means (4) to prevent flow of fluid between or within producing zones (1,2,3). Flow communicating means within each of said producing zones allows fluid from each said zone to be channelled into said production tubing, whilst measuring means (5) monitors production characteristics of said fluid from each of said zones (1,2,3).

Well logging and control system
Application Number
GB19960001944 19960131
Publication Number
2297571 (A)
Application Date
January 31, 1996
Publication Date
August 7, 1996
Jordan Leslie Eric
Schneider John L
Phoenix Petroleum Services
E21B 47/06
E21B 43/14
E21B 47/10
E21B 43/12
E21B 43/00
E21B 47/10
E21B 43/14
E21B 43/12
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