2289927-A cites 6 patents.

An expansion bolt assembly comprises a bolt 32 having a screwthreaded section 34 receiving a nut 60 and a head 36 for engaging an expansion sleeve 42 which is slidable on the bolt 32 and has slits 48, an expander ring 54 being forced into the slit end 46 of the sleeve 42 by a cylinder 66 to splay the pointed fingers 50 into engagement with a borehole, when the nut 60 is tightened. In fig. 6 (not shown), a second expansion sleeve, expander ring and support cylinder are employed.

Expansion bolt structure
Application Number
GB19940010573 19940526
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2289927 (A)
Application Date
May 26, 1994
Publication Date
December 6, 1995
Cheng Yu Hsin
Cheng Yu Hsin
F16B 13/06
F16B 13/04
F16B 13/08
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