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The fastening tape is for use on a disposable absorbent garment and comprises a first substrate 16 and an interlocking material 18 attached to said first substrate. The interlocking material extends across the width of the fastening tape, and is longitudinally spaced from both transverse edges of the fastening tape. Also disclosed is a process for manufacturing the fastening tape. The process involves providing a continuous length of an interlocking material having a width and travelling in a first direction. The interlocking material is attached to a first substrate to form a composite. The composite is then cut along a second direction to form fastening tapes suitable for attachment on a disposable absorbent garment. The second direction is substantially perpendicular to the first direction.

Mechanical fastening tapes and method for their construction
Application Number
GB19940016606 19940817
Publication Number
2281100 (A)
Application Date
August 17, 1994
Publication Date
February 22, 1995
Williams Scott Leslie
Snyder Michael A
Leveille Robert John
Mc Nichols Patrick Sean
Peterson Kathleen Ann
Janssen Tim Joseph
Heindel Timothy Raymond
Hein John Gerard
Ehlert Thomas David
Zehner Georgia Lynn
Vogt Robert Eugene
Siebers Bruce Michael
Serbiak Paul John
Pennings Scott Lee
Mleziva Mark Michael
Leak A Todd
Dilnik Rebecca Lyn
Kimberly Clark Co
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A61F 13/56
B29C 65/00
A61F 13/62
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