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A waterproof, resilient cap 5 for a computer key switch 2 comprises a slanted body portion 52 for receiving part of the switch 2 and an integral part cylindrical or part spherical portion 51 having a through hole to enable the portion to tightly contact a post 11 of the switch key 1. The post 11 of the switch key 1 has a cruciform hole receiving an operating post 21 of the switch 2 which is connected to a printed circuit board 3. Two flanges 531, 532 on a base portion 53 of the cap 5 are received in grooves 61, 71 in top and bottom cases 6,7 of the computer. The hole in the caps 5 is supported during assembly of the cap on the key post 11.

Waterproof cap for computer key switch
Application Number
GB19920024900 19921127
Publication Number
2272996 (A)
Application Date
November 27, 1992
Publication Date
June 1, 1994
Huang Hai Long
Huang Hai Long
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H01H 13/70
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