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The invention is a foam method for improving conformance during a steam flood or carbon dioxide flood in a subterranean, oil-containing formation penetrated by at least one injection well and at least one production well. In a steam flood oil recovery process, sweep efficiency is improved by injecting steam until steam breakthrough occurs at the production well after which a mixture of steam, a noncondensible gas, and an aqueous surfactant-starch solution is injected into the formation. The aqueous surfactant-starch solution forms a stable foam with the formation oil at formation conditions that reduce the permeability of the highly permeable steam swept zones thereby diverting the steam to other portions of the formation containing unswept oil.; The starch is used as a partial substitute for the surfactant to improve the cost of the foam-forming mixture without reducing its effectiveness in increasing sweep efficiency.

Conformance control in subterranean formations
Application Number
GB19930023369 19931112
Publication Number
2272465 (A)
Application Date
November 12, 1993
Publication Date
May 18, 1994
Garling Ralph Vernon
Djabbarah Nizar F
Mobil Oil
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E21B 33/138
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E21B 43/16
C09K 08/58
E21B 43/24
E21B 43/16
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