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A video graphics generator (30) is provided for a video system such as an amusement machine which includes a video display device (18), user operable input devices (14, 16, 17) and a system controller (20) which is responsive to the user input means and outputs video signals for driving the display device. The video graphics generator comprises control means responsive to an absence of operation of the user input means for a predetermined length of time to interrupt the video signals output by the system controller for at least a predetermined interval and to substitute alternative video signals for display on the video display device. An intermediate connector (27) for a standard interface between the system controller other elements of the video system can be used to sense signals for determining when to interrupt the normal video signals from the system controller.

Video graphics generator
Application Number
GB19920015122 19920716
Publication Number
2268861 (A)
Application Date
July 16, 1992
Publication Date
January 19, 1994
Candy Gerald William
Candy Gerald William
A63F 09/22
G07F 17/32
A63F 13/10
G07F 17/32
A63F 13/10
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