2268817-A is referenced by 16 patents and cites 2 patents.

A fault-tolerant computer system comprises a main data bus 10 having interface slots 18 for interconnecting computer sub-systems 12, 14, 16..., one of which is a central processor sub-system 12 having three processor modules 20, 22, 24 operating in parallel in a substantially synchronised manner. One of the processor modules acts as master reading data from and writing data to the main data bus 10: each processor module compares data on the main data bus with data on a local bus of the module to determine any inconsistency indicating a hardware fault, and generates outputs reflecting the probability that a particular module is the source of the fault, which outputs are transmitted to the other modules over a synchronisation bus (26, Fig 3).

Fault-tolerant computer system
Application Number
GB19920015212 19920717
Publication Number
2268817 (A)
Application Date
July 17, 1992
Publication Date
January 19, 1994
Liddell David Charles
Williams Emrys John
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G06F 11/16
G06F 11/20
G06F 11/00
G06F 11/16
G06F 11/20
G06F 11/00
G06F 11/16
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