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A ship's quarters are provided with orthogonal arrays of four light sources 10 to permit a CCD camera (22, figure 2) on a crane to monitor the motion of the ship in six degrees of freedom in real time. As shown in figure 2, data is passed to an image analyser (30) which first acquires and then tracks the two dimensional co-ordinates of one of the three dimensional orthogonal arrays, passing its data to a processor (40) which interprets these co-ordinates as motions of the ship. The processor outputs a signal indicative of sea state and other data to enable the crane (56) to lift cargo from the ship with enhanced efficiency and safety. Servo control of the relative position of the ship and the crane can be automatically effected or an indication thereof can be given to a human operator of the crane.

Method and system for interacting with floating objects
Application Number
GB19920011000 19920522
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2267360 (A)
Application Date
May 22, 1992
Publication Date
December 1, 1993
Spillman Brian W
Thornton John
Bonsor Nigel
Vosper Thornycroft
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