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An operating mechanism (3) for a door or window fastener in which two slidably mounted locking bars (1, 2) are driven by the operating mechanism simultaneously in opposite directions to fasten or unfasten the door or window comprises a drive member (21) driven by the spindle of an operating handle and a pair of linearly guided reciprocable slide plates (13, 14) which are connected to the drive member (21) by pin and slot connections (26, 23a) and (27, 24a) at diametrically opposite positions with respect to the axis of rotation of the drive member so that the two slide plates move linearly in opposite directions. The fastener may be of the espagnolette type and/or the locking bars (1, 2) may be arranged to operate pivoted head shaped locking members (42).

Espagnolette type mechanism.
Application Number
GB19920007100 19920401
Publication Number
2265935 (A)
Application Date
April 1, 1992
Publication Date
October 13, 1993
Kelly John
Hutton Melvin John
E05C 09/04
E05C 09/00
E05C 09/18
E05C 09/04
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