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An operating mechanism for a door or window fastener of the espagnolette type in which two slidably mounted locking bars are driven by the operating mechanism simultaneously in opposite directions to fasten or unfasten the door or window comprises a master pinion (21) which is mounted so that it can be driven by the spindle of an operating handle so as to turn with the handle, a first linearly reciprocable member (10) having a primary rack (14) and an auxiliary rack (15), the primary rack (14) being drivingly engaged by the master pinion (21) and the auxiliary rack (15) drivingly engaging a rotatably mounted slave pinion (22), and a second linearly reciprocable member (11) having a rack (20) corresponding to the auxiliary rack (15) of the first member (10) and drivingly engaged by the slave pinion (22) so that movement of the first member (10); in one direction in response to rotation of the master pinion (21) causes a corresponding movement of the second member (1) in the opposite direction.

Operating mechanism for espagnolettes and similar fasteners
Application Number
GB19920004393 19920229
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2264529 (A)
Application Date
February 29, 1992
Publication Date
September 1, 1993
Kelly John
Hutton Melvin John
Chapman Colin William
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E05C 09/04
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