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Two way cordless communications uses multichannel transceivers portable within a coverage area comprising cells, each associated with a base station and antennas, such as to permit channel frequency reuse in cells within the coverage area. For at least part of the coverage area, the locations of the antennas within the cells and the locations of the base stations are independently mapped, the antennas being associated with active antenna systems and the active antenna systems being connected to the base stations utilizing broadband transmission by means of a fixed bidirectional cable television network. The network is connected to the base stations and the antenna systems through interfaces incorporating frequency translation so that available frequency bands in the cable television network, which will normally be shared with other services, may be utilised.; Plural base stations may be co-located. The radio link to the transceivers may be FDM or TDM, but communication over the network will normally be frequency multiplexed, using separate bands for transmission and reception.

Multichannel radiotelephony system using bidirectional cable t.v. network
Application Number
GB19910000774 19910115
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2253770 (A)
Application Date
January 15, 1991
Publication Date
September 16, 1992
Leary Edward
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Leighton Philip
Oldfield Peter
Yee Meng
Hart George Maynard
Keay Roger David
Monteith Donald Graham
Hamilton Piercy Nicholas Franc
Rogers Cable Tv
Rogers Cantel
Rogers Communications
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