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A low cost, two-piece housing for a mobile telephone comprises an open-topped box (1) and a separate lid (2). In one embodiment the box (1) is made of conductive material, e.g. from a folded sheet of aluminium, whereas the lid (2) is made of a pliant insulating material (6), e.g. ABS plastics, having a thin conductive coating (7), e.g. of copper or nickel provided thereon. The lid has at least one integral flange (8, 9) dependant therefrom for engaging the side walls (4) of the box 1. The pliability of the lid enables the lid to fit tightly on the box and the conductive coating ensures effective screening against radio frequency interference. In an alternative embodiment the box (1) is also made of insulating material having a thin conductive coating thereon.

Rfi screened housing for electronic circuitry
Application Number
GB19910002741 19910208
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2252677 (A)
Application Date
February 8, 1991
Publication Date
August 12, 1992
Overy Michael
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H05K 09/00
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