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A dummy endoscope has an insertion tube 2 which is received within a duct in a fixture 17 having sensor means 18 for sensing manipulative (ie, longitudinal and rotational) movement of the endoscope within the fixture. A simulated image of an endoscopic procedure is produced on a monitor 16 by a computer 15 which responds to outputs of the sensor means and to actuation of the endoscope controls 5, 8. The fixture 17 is provided with tactile means 19 which provide tactile feedback to the user under the control of the computer 15. The tactile means 19 is variable so as to simulate the tactile response experienced using the endoscope when manipulated in like manner during anatomical endoscopic procedure. The apparatus is suitable for training users of medical endoscopes.

Endoscopy training apparatus
Application Number
GB19910002822 19910211
Publication Number
2252656 (A)
Application Date
February 11, 1991
Publication Date
August 12, 1992
Rose Gary Martin
Miller Simon Guy
Oxford Colin George
G09B 23/28
G09B 23/00
G09B 23/28
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