2239739-A is referenced by 4 patents and cites 3 patents.

In a circuit assembly 10 a relatively rigid carrier member 11 formed of aluminium supports relatively massive circuit components such as transformer 12, power transistor 14, connector 15 and pressure sensor 16. Relatively less massive components such as surface mount integrated circuit 18, surface mount resister 19 and leaded capacitor 100 are supported by a printed circuit board 17 to provide interconnection between the components. The circuit board 17 is itself secured to the carrier member through the agency of fasteners 101.

Electronic circuit assemblies
Application Number
GB19890025958 19891116
Publication Number
2239739 (A)
Application Date
November 16, 1989
Publication Date
July 10, 1991
Nagi Mak
Adams Graham Leonard
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H05K 07/20
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H05K 07/20
H05K 05/00
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