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Diagnostic test apparatus for a cellular communications system mobile transmitter/receiver unit, which apparatus is adapted for direct connection to the aerial connection of an mobile unit (4) of the system whilst installed in a vehicle, and which is arranged to simulate a land/base station of the system in such manner that when in operation the diagnostics unit appears to the mobile unit as a land/base station of the system. The diagnostic test apparatus includes means for producing any of a plurality of signals and/or functions for simulating corresponding signals and/or functions involved in the system, and means for enabling the application of such simulation signals/functions to the mobile unit (4) to be tested whilst the latter is in situ in its operationally installed condition in such manner as to test the response of the mobile unit to such signals and/or functions.

Electronic test equipment
Application Number
GB19890022207 19891003
Publication Number
2232850 (A)
Application Date
October 3, 1989
Publication Date
December 19, 1990
Myers Peter
Smith Myers Communications
H04Q 07/04
H04W 24/00
H04W 24/00
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