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The invention provides a floor divider strip body of relatively inexpensive material, such as plastics or aluminium, with an upper edge of an enhanced appearance. This is achieved by providing the upper edge as a decorative edge strip (2) (which could be of relatively expensive material such as brass) which is positively fixed to the upper edge of the strip body (1) by a tongue and groove (3, 4, 6, 7). The groove can be formed with at least one splayed-out wall (8, 9) which is pressed into longitudinal engagement with a corresponding wall of the tongue (6, 7) eg by traversing the wall with a pressure roller. An insulating layer (12) can be provided to prevent any chemical reaction where the strip body and edge strip are of dissimilar metals.

Floor divider strip
Application Number
GB19890003715 19890217
Publication Number
2228753 (A)
Application Date
February 17, 1989
Publication Date
September 5, 1990
Centa Antony Richard
Centa Antony Richard
E04F 15/14
E04F 15/12
E04F 15/14
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