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A crush barrier comprises a first frame extending substantially vertically to form the barrier, a second frame extending substantially horizontally adjacent one side of the barrier to form a ground support, the second frame being connected to the first frame, and a plate (3) which lies adjacent the ground on the opposite side of the vertical frame from the second frame. The plate is connected to one of the frames and forms a platform upon which people may stand. The weight of the people standing on the plate prevents the barrier from being pushed over. When not in use the barrier may be collapsed to a compact form which facilitates storage and transportation.

Crush barrier
Application Number
GB19890003204 19890213
Publication Number
2228510 (A)
Application Date
February 13, 1989
Publication Date
August 29, 1990
Peirce Jason William
Peirce Roger William
Cleanline Fabrications
E04H 17/00
E01F 13/00
E01F 13/00
E01F 13/02
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