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A hand-held device for monitoring the cardiac rate of a foetus by ultrasonic Doppler measurement of the blood flow is adapted to measure the baseline cardiac rate and variability, the absence of decelerations and the increase following foetal "kicks". Means (9) are provided to allow the operator, e.g. the mother, to enter the occurrence of "kicks" as she feels them during the measurement. The device stores present limits for the various measurements and provides an output understandable to the motor based on the measurements. The output may be a textual or audible instruction such as when to repeat the test or whether to seek medical advice. The device includes a transducer 3, amplifier 5, microprocessor 7, LED display 13, and a speaker 17 and/or headphones and a printer.

Portable apparatus for foetal monitors
Application Number
GB19880025795 19881103
Publication Number
2225637 (A)
Application Date
November 3, 1988
Publication Date
June 6, 1990
Brien Professor P M S O& 039
Royal Free Hosp School Med
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A61B 08/02
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