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A modified epoxy composition comprises (a) an epoxy group-containing compound or a mixture of said epoxy group-containing compound with a curing agent or a curing accelerator for said epoxy group-containing compound, and (b) a crosslinked rubbery random copolymer obtained by copolymerizing a monomer mixture comprising (1) an unsaturated compound having a functional group reactive with epoxy group or with the active hydrogen possessed by the curing agent or the curing accelerator for the epoxy group-containing compound and (2) other unsaturated compound, wherein the component (b) is dispersed in the component (a) in the form of particles. The cured product has good mechanical strength, heat resistance, and toughness.

Modified epoxy compositions
Application Number
GB19890019428 19890825
Publication Number
Application Date
August 25, 1989
Publication Date
May 16, 1990
Kenichi Kurosawa
Kazumi Nejigaki
Isao Nishiwaki
Japan Synthetic Rubber
C08L 63/00
C08L 33/00
C08L 09/00
C08L 63/00
C08L 19/00
C08G 59/00
C08L 63/00
C08L 19/00
C08G 59/00
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