A bailing device for a boat comprises means defining an aperture 6 adapted to constitute an outlet through the hull of the boat, a resiliently deformable member 22 which, in a first condition, extends across the aperture to close the outlet and actuating means 11 for deforming the resilient member to a second condition in which part of the resilient member is moved away from the aperture so as to open the outlet thereby allowing water to flow out of the hull of the boat. The actuating means 11 may comprise a plate hinged at 12, 13 so as to be movable with an over dead-centre action between the two positions and having a depending projection 15 to engage and deform the member 22 which may be a rubber diaphragm.

Boat bailing device
Application Number
GB19880017373 19880721
Publication Number
2223202 (A)
Application Date
July 21, 1988
Publication Date
April 4, 1990
Mcvey Carl
B63B 13/00
B63B 13/00
B63B 13/00
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