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An earth seal unit has a housing 8 defining a base 9 and side walls 10. A conduit 24 extends into the housing through the base. The seal 28-35 is provided to effect a substantially water-tight coupling between the end region 23 of the conduit and a conductor rod 36 passing through the conduit into the ground. The earth seal unit has a lid or cover 1 to close the upper part of the housing, and lockable means 5 are provided to lock the cover in the closed position.

Earth seal unit
Application Number
GB19880014599 19880620
Publication Number
2219894 (A)
Application Date
June 20, 1988
Publication Date
December 20, 1989
Peirce Roger William
Cleanline Fabrications
H01R 04/66
H02G 03/08
H02G 03/08
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