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220,557. Wingfield, B. R. Feb. 6, 1924. Steam-traps.-A capsule for a steam-trap has a rigid plate 1 corrugated on the inside in order that the diaphragm 3 may be corrugated after being brazed or welded to the plate 1. The end of the filling tube 4 is closed by brazing or welding whilst the capsule is under water and is then embedded in a groove in the plate 1. Specification 180,124 is referred to.

Improvements in steam traps
Application Number
GB19240003088 19240206
Publication Number
220557 (A)
Application Date
February 6, 1924
Publication Date
August 21, 1924
Bernard Robert Wingfield
F16T 01/00
F16T 01/10
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