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Metal vessels, especially those used in chemical plants, may be coated on one or more surfaces with a layer of acid resisting glass. The invention lies in coating the glass with a layer 4 of fluoroplastic so as to improve the chemical resistance of the glass and to prolong the useful life of the metal vessel. The substrate 2 is preferably of carbon steel or cast iron. Two or more layers of glass may be applied, the layer 5 adjacent to substrate 2 being to promote adhesion between substrate 2 and glass layer 6. Layer 6, 7, 8 are of corrosion resistive glass.

Protective coatings for metals
Application Number
GB19870009031 19870415
Publication Number
2189409 (A)
Application Date
April 15, 1987
Publication Date
October 28, 1987
Hoult David Martin
Robertson Robert
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