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A method of broadcasting and apparatus therefor find particular application in relaying and broadcasting sound effects, including the voices of referees and players, which occur on-field during sports events. The method comprises the steps of providing one or more primary broadcasters, such as players, referees or officials involved in the event, with a primary broadcast radio transmitter 10 and a microphone 16 connected thereto to broadcast, on a primary broadcasting frequency 12, such audible signals as are generated within the area of sensitivity of the microphone 16.; The primary broadcasts are received by one or more primary receiving stations 14 and the signals from the receiving stations are mixed and controlled in a secondary broadcasting station 18,24 from where a controlled signal is broadcast on a secondary broadcasting frequency 26, different from the primary broadcasting frequencies 12, to a number of receivers 28,30 located in the vicinity, or carried on the persons of, a predetermined number of spectators of the event.

Broadcasting method and apparatus
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GB19870006597 19870319
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2188515 (A)
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March 19, 1987
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September 30, 1987
Neethling Christiaan Troskie
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