2181779-A cites 1 patents.

A locking arrangement is disclosed for locking a shackle 4 in a predetermined position relative to an item such as a pulley block 1 to which the shackle is to be connected, said arrangement comprising an element 3 protruding from said item defining a bore to receive a locking pin 5 of the shackle, and a member 8 mounted on said element defining engagement means 12, 13 to receive the ends of the arms 6 of the shackle when the shackle is in at least one predetermined position relative to said item to prevent rotation of the shackle about said element.

Improvements in or relating to a locking arrangement
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GB19850025705 19851018
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2181779 (A)
Application Date
October 18, 1985
Publication Date
April 29, 1987
Owen John Robert
Mcvey Carl
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B66D 03/04
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