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In a gaming or amusement-with-prizes machine, following a surprise jackpot award given on rare random occasions at the start of a game or at the end of a non-winning game, the player is given a high-odds chance (e.g. fifty-fifty) directly on the following game of the award being repeated, and then, if the award is repeated, he is given another high-odds chance of the award being repeated again, and so on. The jackpot award, and each of the repeated awards, may be a jackpot prize or a feature which gives the chance of a jackpot prize, for example, a 'nudge' feature.

Gaming and amusement machines
Application Number
GB19860017786 19860721
Publication Number
2180087 (A)
Application Date
July 21, 1986
Publication Date
March 18, 1987
Neill Paul
O& 039
Murray Stephen
Bell Fruit Mfg
G07F 17/34
G07F 17/32
G07F 17/32
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