2179457-A cites 5 patents.

A flow meter fitted into a conduit (12) having an aperture (23) comprises a rotor (1) mounted on bearings (3) which are located on one side only of the rotor and so can be shielded from any extreme conditions e.g. of temperature which may exist in the conduit. The rotor speed is measured at a position remote from the rotor blades, for example by a magnetic sensor (7). Fluid pressure is measured at a position remote from the rotor blades by a suitable conduit (2) leading to a sensor (9), the conduit being a bore in the rotor shaft. Temperature is sensed by a downstream probe (13). The rotor blades are preferably formed of plastics material.

Measuring parameters of fluids
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GB19850020016 19850809
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2179457 (A)
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August 9, 1985
Publication Date
March 4, 1987
Martin Gordon C
Gauges Bourdon
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G01F 01/075
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