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A method of preparing doped silica glass comprises the steps of preparing a sol solution by mixing a hydrolysed solution and a solution including ultra fine particles of silica, gelling the sol solution to produce a gel, drying the gel to produce a dry gel, sintering the dry gel to produce silica glass, and adding a dopant to one or more of the hydrolysed solution, the solution of ultra-fine particles of silica, the sol solution, the gel or during drying or sintering.

Methods of preparing doped silica glass
Application Number
GB19850024074 19850930
Publication Number
2165234 (A)
Application Date
September 30, 1985
Publication Date
April 9, 1986
Itoh Yoshitaka
Osafune Haruo
Kanbe Sadao
Matsuo Nobutaka
Motoki Masanobu
Suwa Seikosha
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