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A joint packing 22 has two annular bodies 28 30 of compressible sealing material which will withstand temperatures in the region of 600 DEG C. End caps 34 formed by the ends of an S-section cage 32 are fitted at the ends of the annular body to prevent damage to the material when the joint is assembled by push-fitting a tube through the centre of the packing. Alternatively the packing may comprise a single annular body with end caps (Fig. 3).

A packing for a joint
Application Number
GB19840017850 19840713
Publication Number
2161551 (A)
Application Date
July 13, 1984
Publication Date
January 15, 1986
Wickramasuriya Damasius Benett
Ford Motor Co
F16J 15/06
F16J 15/12
F16L 41/08
F16L 41/08
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